About Us

Plambeck Emirates Global Renewable Energy LLC was established in Abu Dhabi in 2011. The aim is to invest in renewable energy projects and thus to contribute to the development of sustainable energy production worldwide.

As a result of the successes, the activities now extend to sectors such as infrastructure, real estate, raw materials, waste management and recycling.

The current focus lies on Middle Eastern, African, Asian and European countries. Plambeck Emirates has direct access to various investors, especially in the Arab world.

Plambeck Emirates was jointly established in 2011 with BMS International Commercial Investment LLC (Abu Dhabi / United Arab Emirates) and Plambeck Holding GmbH (Cuxhaven / Germany) and is headquartered in Abu Dhabi. Since then subsidiaries of Plambeck Emirates have been established in Europe and Africa.


BMS International Commercial Investment LLC is an investment company and holds a majority share in Plambeck Emirates. BMS is represented by the CEO of the BMS Group His Excellency Louai Mohamed Ali.


Plambeck Holding GmbH, based in Cuxhaven, Germany, was established in 1984 and is the holding company of entrepreneur Norbert Plambeck.

It holds and develops businesses and subsidiaries which are active in wide range of business sectors, e.g. renewable energy, construction, environmental technology, raw materials, recycling, waste management, infrastructure, real estate and project development.

Plambeck Holding supports its businesses and subsidiaries through financing, management, legal advice and its ever-growing network of contacts. It identifies synergies for the benefit of the group and acts as a nexus of skills and resources. At the same time it creates new business fields and investment possibilities.

One example of the experience in bringing companies public is the Plambeck Neue Energien AG, which is listed since 1998 on the German Stock Exchange in Frankfurt. Still today, this company remains a successful enterprise in renewable energies under the name PNE AG.